Enrollment, Sun Prairie, and Much, Much More!


Lots of exciting things happening this fall!

  • Proud Theater Madison is currently enrolling young people for its 2014-2015 season. Rehearsals for the season are on Thursdays during the school year beginning at 530pm on September 11, 2014, and are held at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1123 Vilas Ave in Madison. To enroll, youth need only contact Proud Theater by phone at 608-222-9086, by e-mail (info at proudtheater dot org), or by simply showing up to a Thursday rehearsal. Enrollment ends after November 20, 2014.
  • A special 15th anniversary show, ‘Proud Theater Anthology’, will open December 5 and 6 – 2014, at the Overture Center in Madison, and will boast the best works of Proud Theater from the past 15 years and from all three current chapters of the group.
  • Sol Kelley-Jones, one of the original founders of the organization and longtime mentor, becomes the new Artistic Director of the Madison Chapter as longtime Artistic Director Brian Wild plans to focus more on the duties of Executive Director of the organization.
  • Proud Theater needs mentors! We’ve grown huge, and might be expanding into Sun Prairie as well – and we are going to need mentors! If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, or if you’re interested in Volunteering for our wonderful group and helping sustain and launch other Proud Theaters around the state – now is the time to apply. Write Info at proudtheater dot org for an application, and we’ll send you one ASAP!
  • Proud Theater has been working on starting up a Sun Prairie chapter. We held a meeting on September 24–you can read a very nice article about it here–and have another one set for the evening of October 7th.